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Ideas for Your Weekend Home Improvement Projects

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What will you be doing this weekend? Spending time with family and friends? Relaxing at home after a long week of work, or getting out to explore the world around you? Whatever your weekend plans are, we want to help make them even better!

This post is for all the homeowners out there who are looking to spruce up their homes this weekend. There are plenty of home improvement projects that can be done in less than a day, and you’ll feel great knowing that your house looks better than ever!

Check out these weekend home improvement projects that will give your house a fresh new look:


Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to make your living room feel like it’s actually alive again. You can pick out an accent color for one wall, or just do all four in different shades of the same thing–whatever you want!

A fresh coat will keep things interesting without having that dull old couch feeling after sitting on it every day; plus, if there are any damage spots from spills or pet accidents, then putting up new paper also means no more worries about those ugly repairs right away either.

Wood Floors

Updating your flooring is an easy way to change the whole look of a room. Wood floors are timeless, and they’re perfect for adding a natural touch to any space. Don’t have wood? That’s okay! You can paint existing hardwood or laminate floors with a dark or light tone, depending on your preference.

A new coat of paint or a couple of pieces of furniture can do wonders for the way you feel when walking through your front door every day.


Painting the walls is a weekend home improvement project we’re sure you’ve done before, but it’s such an easy and inexpensive way to change the whole feeling of your room. If all else fails (and sometimes they do) just use paint stripes vertically or horizontally across! This kind of personalization takes much less time than trying out new wall decor in different styles so that each day offers something fresh instead- giving them one more reason why kids love coming over too.

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Who has the time to organize their kitchen? Cabinets are a mess, and you can’t even see what’s behind all those appliances! A weekend project is worth it, though – just refinishing or painting your cabinets will make them look brand new. Pick one wall for fresh inspiration this season; do-it-yourself enthusiasts should start with something small like paints, so they don’t get overwhelmed by bigger projects later down the road!


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Another weekend home renovation project that doesn’t take long but can make a big difference in your living area is lighting. If you have dim, old lights, swapping out the bulbs to LED or installing new fixtures will brighten up any space!


This weekend, you can make a big difference in your living space with this quick and easy DIY project. Painting over the surface of shelves is an excellent way to add some color or display items that are too tall for their allotted places on average-sized shelves found around homes today! You’ll also need decorations like plants pots from which they grow–just be sure these will fit into place easily without touching each other when everything’s finished drying before installing them, so water won’t get absorbed by soil cloths below ground level (which could kill roots).

Window Treatments

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Sometimes windows just need to be updated, and it’s as simple as that! Treat yourself to some stylish window treatments like drapes or blinds this weekend, and you’ll feel like all of your windows are brand new.

It’s important to remember that window treatments aren’t just for the windows in your living room–don’t forget about bedrooms too! Even if there isn’t much natural light coming through, adding some soft colors will make things look more lively. If it feels right for your windows, try adding curtains or blinds to the bathroom as well.


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Making a quick paint change on the exterior of doors is also an easy project anyone can complete in just one weekend! Whether you want to try out a new color, or need to mask over some damage from pets scratching at it every day, this DIY idea will come together quickly and look fantastic. If your door’s faded with age, painting it a bright, shiny color will make it look brand new.

Windows and doors are the windows to your home – they can make or break its value. Keeping them in good condition is important for the security of your house, but also for how it looks on the outside! Worn-out windows will make your whole exterior look shabby; plus, if something happens with weather damage, then you’ll want windows that are easy to fix. Doors might not be the first things you think about when it comes to keeping your house in good condition, but they’re important for making sure that both air and people can get where they need to go safely!

As windows and doors are essential parts of home design, it is advised by professionals like Allen Home Improvement Chicago to periodically check windows and doors for signs of wear.

If you need windows and doors replacement, you can check


Home improvement projects don’t need to be a lot of work–just do what you can until your next big weekend! These simple ideas are great for those who want an upgrade without spending too much time or money on the project itself.

Remember that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to painting. If you’re not sure what colors will work best for your home, just start with a few paint swatches and see how they look in various lighting conditions throughout the day!